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Is this program for everyone?

No, the program only works when a parent has discipline and can maintain the discipline required to fulfill their "Parent Responsibilites" with his or her child.

"Parent Responsibilities" are:

Supervise listening

You are responsible for consistent, productive practice not your child.

Practice with your child rather than telling them to go practice.

Explain and teach the assignments to your child.

Focus; put all else aside. Do not be distracted by the telephone or other household distractions.

Use lots of praise. (Find the good and praise it.) Always look for one thing your child did correct.

One point at a time!

Do not bombard your child.

Break learning down into small, master able steps.

Learn to isolate problems.

Be creative, make practicing fun!

Provide an enthusiastic, positive environment!

At the lesson:

Take notes.

Use a taper recorder, video camera, cell phone, tablet computer, as well as your note book.


Be sure you understand each technique.

Ask questions if you do not understand.

Do not interfere with the interaction between the teacher and your child.

Learn to care for the instrument.

Protect it from damage.

Teach your child to treat the instrument with respect.

Learn to tune the stringed instrument.

Come to lessons ahead of time so students can settle down.

Attend classes, workshops, concerts, meetings. Do not let other activities interfere with your music activities.