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Instrument and bow

Sponge or shoulder rest (violin and viola)

Rock stop (cello and bass)


Practice chart

Pitch pipe, Tuner(preferred) or tuning fork

Suzuki music book/Step By Step music book (it comes with a CD)

Suzuki music CD / SmartMusic Subscription

Violin: CD (David Cerone for Book I, David Nadien for Book 2-4)

Extra strings (even though they may be covered on your maintenance agreement)

Buy one package of Dr. Scholl Corn Pads (small / non-medicated)

Metronome (when requested by your teacher)

A Manuscript Book (for Book 2 students and beyond)





Establish a regular time each day to practice. Often it is better to practice before school than after school.

Establish a regular time each day for listening. You may do your listening while you do your homework or other activity. Do not do your listening while watching TV or playing a video game.


Establish a safe place for instrument storage at home. Make sure the instrument is not in direct sunlight, near a register or heater, does not get too hot or is left in a basement where it will get too damp.

Follow worksheets and lesson assignments.


Establish a special space for home practice.

Make sure all your questions at lessons are answered.


Cellists and bassists need a practice chair at home that fits their height. Violinists and violists should stand for their lessons.