Street & Reis Violin Studio

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Private Lessons: Violin & Viola Lessons by Appointment Only


The Street & Reis Violin Studio was founded in 1998 to offer affordable private violin & viola lessons suitable for all ages.  All private lessons are taught by local professional musicians.  Individualized violin & viola lessons foster learning and understanding in children.  Through listening and the practicing of an instrument, positive learning characteristics can be imparted.


Using violin or viola lessons as a medium to develop discipline requires the development of specific instrument technique, and interaction with the elemental and organization components of sound which must be nurtured by love. Making music is an integral part of the human experience. Its rhythms, melodies and forms carefully preserve spoken language and culture from by gone eras. Violin lessons intended for children should help children grow in an understanding of the discipline that is the universal language of music. In short, every child should experience violin or viola for themselves.


The process as developed by Dr. Suzuki is guided by the following principals:


Begin as early as possible.


Move in small steps so that the child can master the material.


A parent attends all lessons so that he or she understands the learning process and feels secure when working with the child as a home teacher.


Daily listening to recordings of Suzuki repertoire.


Postpone music reading until the child=s instrumental skills are established.


Follow the Suzuki repertory sequence.


Create an enjoyable learning environment.


Group lessons and the observation of other students performance and lessons.


Our approach to violin and viola instruction deals with more than teaching a child how to play an instrument. The purpose of the music lesson is not to produce great artists, but to develop the whole child and help them find the joy that comes through making music. Through the process of learning the violin in an environment of support, children develop confidence and self‑esteem by learning difficult things such as self‑discipline and concentration. As a result children develop a lasting enjoyment of music because of their skill for making music.

Enrollment is currently open!


Please Call 513 885 2066 to attend a free & informative class for parents only.


Enrollment is currently open!

Please Call 513 885 0266 to schedule your private Violin or Viola lesson.

In Cincinnati:

6131 Campus Lane. in Mt. Washington.

In Centerville:

264 #A N. Main Street across from Bills Donuts in Centerville.

In Cincinnati: 

The Reis Viola & Violin Studio is located Mt. Washington Presbyterian Church

located at 6474 Beechmont Ave 45230. (Next to Mc Nicholas High School)

In the Dayton area:

The Reis Viola & Violin Studio is located 264 N. Main Street Suite A, 45458

(across the street from Bills Donuts)

Contact us at:


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